Vale Regal Power 1997-2008

bush poetry with Guy McLean

A champion at his peak
A Sire in his prime
'Regal Power' now has left us
And well before his time
Struck down by accident and circumstance
By the cruel hand of fate
Now no more will treasured stallion
Be waiting faithfully by the gate
Where he stood for feed and mateship
For work or put on show
Stunning black with stripe of white
Like lightening strike, his face a glow...
... with knowledge, flare and fire
Strength of body and of mind
Balanced, poised, a natural
Consistent, true and kind
Bred in the purple as they say
Related to 'Romeo' and 'Abbey'
Bought as a 10 month old Royal Show winner
Sure to make the new owners happy
Nicknamed a Rebel by breeders
A stable name that stuck
To the 'Wakens' his fire and natural pride
Brought happiness, good fortune and luck
Old hands at the art of horsemanship
But still new to the stockhorse breed
'Regal Power' fulfilled expectations
Fulfilled promises, fulfilled wants and needs
He became student and he became teacher
A guinea pig for new found training
A partner to 'Geoff' and his growing dreams
Both were striving, learning and straining
'Geoff', now a force to be reckoned with
Looks back to his years of thirst
For success at Futurities and Campdrafts
Where 'Regal' obtained many firsts
First Futurity win in his very first comp
First stallion they owned and campaigned
First time on a cow found success
His pure class poured on out like the rain
His wins secured services to stallions
Who sired 'Geoff's' children's champs
Adam's 'Clem', a star in the cutout yard
Kell's 'Model Rae' always leaving her stamp
These horses, the gooseneck, the shed full of hay
All thanks to 'Regal's' success
As Performer, Competitor, Sire
The Wallen's truly were blessed
He was more than a horse or a mate
Or a partner in business or strife
He shaped and moulded their futures
And his presence helped change all their lives
He carried Kelly and Adam to victory in drafts
From Junior's to Ladies he shone
And their greatest regret, because of their age
That to ride him at 'Warwick' is gone
He excelled in all that he tried
To many victories to mention 
But when 'Geoff' and 'Regal' rode through the gate
Fellow competitors felt the tension
For his honesty and drive was prolific
A pure pleasure to ride 
strength of his stops and haunch turns 
To the length and poise of his stride
Prince of Wales' winner, a sire of champs
A ribbon receiver at 'Warwick'
His physical presence may be gone
But his memory will prove historic
For he lives in Geoff and Wendy's heart
In the memories of their kin
To remember him only for trophy's won
Would truly be a sin
For he gave Geoff back his future
He gave with body, heart and mind
And gave his bloodlines to 'Doongara's' name
That will stand the test of time
From his stylish daughters to his honest sons
All with 'Power' in their names
They too bear the stamp of Royalty
And they'll earn their share of fame
To replace him would be impossible
Though more Champions will come
They say each horseman gets one in a lifetime
A Freak, of which 'Rebel' was one
He's raised all expectations 
And he's set the bar sky high 
To ride him, dawn or dusk 
Was to feel like you could fly
Though his fire has passed, the embers
Burn on in all that knew him
He had fans and true admirers
Ana his presence drew them to him
'Doongara' is tribal name for lightening 
And each new strike of light from the sky 
Is 'Regal Power's' hoof beats rung out 
As down to his family he casts his eye
For now he stands at stud in heaven
Like the Legendry Sires before him
And we thank him for his heart and soul
And all the reasons we adored him.
Copyright Guy McLean September 2008